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What does our pricing include?

If you’re considering our packages and reviewing pricing, we’d like to share some information. You are not just paying for 3, 4, 5, 6+ hours of our time and supplies. The package pricing actually includes:

  • Customer Service. We are really responsive and up front.
  • Booking. If you decide to book with us, our team takes care of you and makes sure we have everything we need to provide a professional, high quality service the day of your event. We schedule your event attendants in advance, ask questions pertaining to setup and delivery.
  • Customizations. Our packages include custom designs of the welcome screen and photo strips. We match the design to your event colors/style.
  • Print Media. Paper and ink is included, especially now with a shortage and higher pricing.
  • Insurance. Our business is insured. If your venue requires proof, please have them reach out to us personally.
  • Taxes. Every business has to pay them. It’s included in your package.
  • Attendant Pay. We value our attendants and rewards them well. We have selected a small team that provides professional service and always on time.
  • Text/Email Sending. Every time your guests send a text or email with their photos, we are charged by our third party provider. This is included in your package.
  • Software. We use a professional photo/video booth software to provide high quality screens, layouts, and more!
  • Business Expenses. Camera, computer, software, printer breaks? We need to purchase a new one quickly. 
  • Props & Backdrops. Props get damaged, drinks get spilled on our backdrops. We need to replace our inventory to provide a clean experience for every event.
  • The Future. We wish to provide high-quality services to all of our customers. Thanks to your bookings, we can grow and expand on our services and add more booths.

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